she dreams in colour, she dreams in red
Anonymous: Are there any followers of yours that you would date or just really want to hang with?

Don’t know about date but I’d like to get to hang out with Dorothy, Jen, Lizzie and others that I can’t think of right now.

Anonymous: Who out of who you follow would you like to date?

Um dunno. There is noone I just know on tumblr that I’d particularly want to date.



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Anonymous: G & Q

G. SEXUAL ORIENTATION. - Lesbian (minus 90s Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain and probs would bang Russell Brand if given the opportunity)


mssoldierfever: H and J, have fun and tale care on your holiday :)

H. DO I SMOKE/DRINK? - I only really smoke when I’m drunk on nights out when I tend to chain smoke. I drink most days though and tend to be a drunk a few times a week.

J. WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GET OLDER. - I’d quite like to be an art curator or an art director or something creative where I can make something / put things together.

And thank you, I will <3